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What a success!  The Caroga Music Festival Concert at the Store was a really special event!

Photo: John Deragon

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In this summer's Echo, there is an excerpt from a letter from Paul Bransom to the young Helen "Kicki" Hays.  Click here to see an annotated version of the complete letter.

Wildflowers of the Lake attempts to chronicle the season in wildflowers.  If you want to participate in the project join the Canada Lake Wildflowers Facebook Group.

To Listen to the January 22 Town Meeting regarding Sherman's  CLICK HERE

Added to the Image Gallery under Lake Community, a portfolio of stunning photographs by Lilka Lichtneger as well as albums dedicated to themes like Fall at the Lake, Sunrise/Sunset, Rainbows & Fireworks, and People in Motion:

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Landmarks of the Lakes 

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Aquatic Survey Conducted during the Summer of 2013:




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Bill Ringle's Canada Lake Crosswords from the Echo


CLPA News & Events 7/28/2015

Report from the Annual Meeting

A resolution was adopted to establish a new lake organization that will in time replace the existing CLPA.  The new organization will be non-profit and will seek 501c3 status.  

Here is a copy of the resolution that was unanimously adopted by the membership attending the meeting: 

We, the membership of CLPA endorse the formation of a new 501c3 organization primarily for the purposes of

(1)  Preserving, maintaining and protecting the Canada Lakes watershed, which comprises Canada Lake, Green Lake, West Lake, Mud Lake and Lily Lake and its tributaries, as well as the surrounding lands and forest for the benefit of the public and residents and

(2)  Promoting and educating lake users about safety and good lake stewardship practices and the transition of CLPA operations and assets to the new entity, (provisionally called the Canada Lakes Conservation Association, Inc.).

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Local News 7/31/2015

Gun shop says it won't sell to Muslims

By Steven Cook Gazette Reporter An anti-Muslim Facebook post by a St. Johnsville gun shop has led to online backlash — and some online support....

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