Seagram's Calendars



Paul Bransom's Seagram's Sportsman Calendar Images

Thanks are owed to the Niagara Falls Gallery for providing these images:


American Opossum, 1957

(sold by Skinner’s , 2004))


Glacier Bear, 1957

(sold by Skinner’s 2004)


Mountain Lion, 1960


American Black Bear, 1960


Pronghorn Antelope, 


Coyotes, 1961


Bull Elk, 1962

(sold by Skinner’s, 2004)


Canadian Lynx and Porcupine, 1962


Compare to illustration in Charles G.D. Roberts, “Quills the Indifferent: An Adventure Story which Interprets Animal Life,” McClure’s, 1921, v. 53, p. 20:


White Tail Deer (Deer Alarm), 1963


Red Fox, 1963

(sold by Skinner’s 2004)


American Beaver


Black Bear and Cubs


Bison, 1954

(sold by Skinner’s 2004)






 Grey Squirrel


Grizzly Bear



Preparatory Drawing for Grizzly Bear (Archives of American Art:

no. 27


Grizzly Bear Charging, 1945




Key Deer with Racoons





Mountain Goats


Mountain Lion and Dogs: "At Bay", 1945


Mule Deer





Preparatory Drawing for Otter (Archives of American Art:

No. 11)


Pacific Walrus, 1957

(sold by Skinner’s 2004)


 Polar Bear, 1951

(sold by Skinner’s)


Preparatory Drawing for Polar Bear (Archives of American Art: no. 26.)



Prong Horned Antelopes


Red Fox-Raider


Earlier version (private collection)



White Tailed Deer



Wild Boar

(sold by Skinner’s 2004


 Wild Cat-Lynx



Skunks and Hound Dogs

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