Board of Directors



President               Chris Rohrs  

President Elect      John Saunders 518-604-4117

Secretary               Deborah Hoffman 518-835-6066

Treasurer              Paul Corr  518-835-6044



-Lake Management   Mary Jablonski  518-825-6033
-Lake Organization    Allen Farber     518-835-3407
-Lake Activities         Lois Miller        518-835-6703    

Board of Directors

Terms are for 3 years under the By Laws.


Terms Ending 2019

Ed Fake                      518-835-2447   

Mary Jablonski             518-835-6033    

Richard Maider             518-835-8598   

Eric Manning.              518-835-ccccc   

Lois Miller                    518-835-6703   

Mike Durkee                518-835-6813   

Anthony Sturchio         518-835- 6896      

Terms Ending 2020

Merryn Byrnes             518-835-8026   

Jim Hays                    518-835-8303       

Henry Eifert                 315-429-8810   

Bill Fielding                 518-835-6069    

Rick Fink                    518-835-6070    

Shawna Thompson        518-835-2019   

Paul Corr                518-835-6044          

Terms Ending 2021

Allen Farber             518-835-3407   

Dave Graves              518-835-2369 

Deborah Hoffman       518-835-6066    

Tom Lyons                518-

Mark Moritz                518-835-3003    

Chris Rohrs                518-835-8730  

John Saunders           518-604-4117


If you would like to get involved, contact any of the directors above or write:    CLCA , PO Box 483, Caroga Lake, New York 12032


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CLMF Barge Concert

Caroga Lake Music Festival Barge Concert at the Canada Lake Store and Marina, Sunday, August 5, 6 PM.

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Local News 5/25/2019

Boat-wash station opens on Northway

State wants to prevent spread of water-borne invasive species...

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