Board of Directors



President               Dave Graves  518-835-2369       

President Elect       Chris Rohrs 518-835-8730

Secretary               Deborah Hoffman 518-835-6066

Treasurer              Paul Corr  518-835-6044



-Lake Management   Mary Jablonski  518-825-6033
-Lake Organization    Dick Arthur   518-399-4473
-Lake Activities         Chris Rohrs 518-835-8730

Board of Directors

Terms are for 3 years under the By Laws.


Terms Ending 2016

John Broderick            518-835-6150    

Ed Fake                      518-835-2447   

Mary Jablonski             518-835-6033    

Richard Maider             518-835-8598   

Lois Miller                    518-835-6703   

Douglas Smith             518-835-6692   

Anthony Sturchio         518-835- 6896       


Terms Ending 2017

Merryn Byrnes             518-835-8026   

Jim Hays                    518-835-8303       

Henry Eifert                 315-429-8810   

Bill Fielding                 518-835-6069    

Rick Fink                    518-835-6070    

Shawna Thompson        518-835-2019   

Paul Corr                518-835-6044          

Terms Ending 2018

Dick Arthur                 518-399-4473   

Allen Farber             518-835-3407   

Dave Graves              518-835-2369 

Deborah Hoffman       518-835-6066    

Mark Moritz                518-835-3003    

Chris Rohrs                518-835-8730  

John Saunders           518-604-4117


If you would like to get involved, contact any of the directors above or write:    CLCA , PO Box 483, Caroga Lake, New York 12032


CLCA News & Events 7/4/2017

July 4th Water Level Update

As of 7AM July 4, lake level at Green Lake Bridge was 13 inches above summer normal, and down 9 inches over past 24 hours. 
The DEC opened the dam to 22 inches on the morning of July 3, after opening it to 10 inches on July 2. At present rate, normal lake level is expected by late Thursday July 6.
Bill Fielding, on behalf of the CLCA, urged DEC on July 1 to open the dam 22 to 25 inches. A further urgent request was made at 7AM on July2 and DEC opened the dam to 10 inches that afternoon.
At 6PM on July 2 CLCA again asked DEC to open to 20 inches, and then at 7AM on July 3 upped the recommended opening to 22 inches. DEC finally opened the dam to that level at approximately 9AM July 3.
Further updates will be sent if warranted.
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Local News 12/17/2017

Duanesburg town hall lawsuit settled

Town Board holds 2nd vote on possible church purchase...

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