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Our Canada Lake residents need to have a stronger voice on the issues facing us as lakefront property owners.   Some of the issues affecting us include property taxes, town projects and town aesthetics, water level issues, road and bridge maintenance, protecting the water quality from harmful substances and invasive species, and protecting the ecology and the environment around us.  If you own property on the Canada Lakes and spend a significant amount of time at the lake, you may be eligible to vote in Fulton County, and hence on Caroga or Stratford town matters.  

 Canada Lake, Green Lake, West Lake and Mud Lake property owners collectively contribute a significant portion of the Town of Caroga’s operating budget through property taxes, and several residents have seen increases in recent years.    Stewart’s Landing property owners have also been battling property tax increases for the past several years.   If you haven’t already registered to vote locally, and you fit the eligibility requirements, please consider at least one family member (preferably an owner) registering to vote in Fulton County, so our lake community can have a stronger voice as to who our town elected officials are, and how our tax dollars are allocated.

 Recent court decisions reviewed by our legal committee suggest that to be eligible to vote at your seasonal residence you must have a significant tie and commitment to that residence that is more than a “sham” for voting purposes with legitimate, significant and continuing attachments to the community.  For example, property ownership and taxpayer status, coupled with significant seasonal use and participation in the local lake community can likely satisfy this criteria.   We have included the NY voter registration form for your convenience, and don’t forget to request an absentee ballot if you need one.  If you are currently registered elsewhere, the same form can be used, just submitted at least 20 days prior to an election.

Eligibility requirements can be found at the NY State Board of Elections

Click here to print a Voter Registration Form. 

Fill out form, sign, and mail to Fulton County Board of Elections at 2714 STHWY 29, Suite 1, Johnstown, NY 12095-9946


Click here to enter information Online to Register to Vote. 

You still need to fill out form, sign, and mail to Fulton County Board of Elections at 2714 STHWY 29, Suite 1,  Johnstown, NY 12095-9946


Fulton County Tourism Website:  http://44lakes.com

Fulton County Chamber of Commerce: www.fultoncountyny.org

Fulton County Government Site: www.fultoncountyny.gov













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