Echo Submissions

2018 Echo Submissions Deadlines

It’s time for us to start thinking about articles and other contributions to the 2018 Echo.  Please adhere to the deadlines below for submitting items: 

Authors Wanted!  Even if you think you can’t write, we have good editors.


March 25:  Stories revolving around lake events, people, history or Adirondack living.  We have a long history of talented writers living on the lake.  We would like to hear from you!  Please keep the length of submissions to no more than 2 typed pages. 

April 8:    Echoes - Family news.  Please keep to no more than 2 paragraphs. 


 Remembrances - Articles about friends or family who have passed away since the last Echo went to print.  Of course if someone leaves us after the due date, you may submit those at anytime until early May. 


 In Memoriam - Names of lake residents who have died since the last Echo went to print.  These can be accepted at anytime until the Echo is finalized in early May.


‚ÄčThe Photo Contest – The 2018 Echo is having the back cover photo contest like the one from 2017, please submit your photos to in a standard image format. Please only one entry per person.


April 15:  Changes - to calendars, committees, officers and already submitted reports. 


News & Stories from or about our children.  Encourage your kids to send us stories of interest and their reflections of their summers on the lake.     

April 22:  Last minute news/Changes

The best and easiest way to submit your contributions is via e-mail as an attached Word or other Microsoft compatible document.  Short items can be sent in the text of an e-mail.  If you can’t e-mail us with your information, it can be typed (do not write on or sign) and sent to us via U.S. Mail (e-mail for address).  Be aware that there is limited space available in the Echo for pictures.  Please do not send text as a PDF file (e.g. scanned copy of hand written or typed text).  

Send Echo information to:

Please pass this information on to family or friends who do not have e-mail.


Thank you,

Mark and Christine Moritz





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