2016 Invasives Report

 Attention Canada Lakers:


Recent Survey Finds More Neighboring Lakes with Invasive Aquatic Species

During the summer of 2015 the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program conducted surveys of several lakes including Canada Lake and several neighboring lakes.  The results for Canada Lake confirmed the survey commissioned by the Canada Lakes Conservation Association in 2014—Canada Lake is still free of invasive aquatic plants and animals.  In addition, Pine Lake was also found to be free of invasive species.  However, invasive species were found in several neighboring lakes including the discovery of a new infestation of variable milfoil and spiny water fleas in Pecks Lake.  That means that invasives are now present in Pecks Lake, East and West Caroga Lake, Piseco Lake, and the Great Sacandaga Reservoir.  Therefore, it is important for the Association to remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent or detect the presence of aquatic invasive species and YOU CAN HELP KEEP CANADA LAKE CLEAN….PLEASE CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING!!!! 


The Canada Lakes system includes Canada Lake, Green Lake, West Lake, Lily Lake and Stewarts Landing.  All of these areas are at risk of aquatic invasive species. The Association is working to safeguard Canada Lake in several ways.  By now most folks who use the DEC’s boat ramp at the West Lake Fishing Access site know that paid and volunteer stewards provide inspections of water craft and trailers to check for invasive species.  The stewards educate boaters to follow the state standards of keeping their boats clean, drained and dry when they are not in use.  Last summer the stewards removed invasive plants at the West Lake Fishing Access site on several occasions.  Association volunteers also check the lake for possible infestations by using rake tosses and visual inspections.  The Association works with neighboring lakes to prevent the spread of invasives through the Adirondack Lake Alliance.  This past year we began working with the Town of Caroga, inspectors for Pleasant Lake and other lake associations, and the Fulton County Soil and Water District to pursue the installation of a high temperature boat washing station for the Caroga Lake area.


All of these activities are important and rely primarily on the efforts of volunteers from the Association.  To continue our success we need more members to volunteer.  Training is provided and the work is very rewarding --a clean lake for swimming, boating, fishing, sailing, and water sports!!!  Please consider offering up some time as a volunteer this summer.  Being a lake inspector only takes 2-3 hours of time each season.  Volunteer stewards at the West Lake launch work in shift to expand the hours of coverage beyond the time provided by the paid stewards.


Please consider volunteering to help as part of the Invasive Species Committee of the Canada Lakes Conservation Association.  The Committee will meet during the summer and also participate in training provided by APIPP.  If you are interested in learning how you can help contact one of the Co-Chairs:  Mike Durkee at (202) 247-5895 (durkeeml@hotmail.com)or Marcus Harazin at (518) 928-7525 (harazm@sage.edu).

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