Boat Wash Station

New Caroga Boat Wash Station:

Your association teamed in January with the Town of Caroga to apply for DEC grant funding to operate a boat wash station located on Rte 10 across from Town Hall. We enjoyed the active support of neighboring towns and lakes, as well as from APIPP (Adirondack Invasive Plant Program), the Adirondack Lake Alliance, and Paul Smith's. Happily, our grant award was announced on April 24, and Mike Durkee and Marcus Harazin of the Invasive Species Committee have been working hard with Town officials to purchase the pressure washer and other equipment, plan and prepare the site, and recruit, hire and train two stewards to inspect and clean boats as needed.

Funding for the new station will be provided from the previous EDC grant to buy and install the equipment and from the new DEC grant to cover the operating costs.

At the same time, Marcus and Mike are making preparations for our continuing Lake Steward and Lake Inspector programs. We do not expect major change to either program, which will operate in tandem with the new boat wash station.

If boats are inspected and cleared at the new station, they can be launched immediately at any boat launch; if they do not stop there, they will be inspected as usual at West Lake. Boats found at West Lake with visible plant or animal material will be referred back to the boat wash station for decontamination.

Mike and Marcus are working with neighboring lake associations to spread the word and to encourage boaters at other lakes to use the new station and to take other measures to fight the spread of AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species). As our members are aware, the threat of AIS has no foreseeable end and we must keep working against it. We appreciate the support the membership has provided in money, time and energy.  Lake Steward or Lake Inspector volunteers always needed and welcome!

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