CLCA Committees


Mary Jablonski VP -


Environment and Ecology - Dave Graves,

Fire Safety - Bill Fielding,

Fishing - Doug Smith,

Lake Safety-Tony Sturchio,

Water Level/Flood Control- Bill Fielding,; Henry Eifert,

Water Purity - Merryn Byrnes,



Campsites - Betsy Cannon,

Adopt a Highway - John Broderick,

Fire Tower - Tim Mitchell,

Island - Rick Fink,

Invasive Species - Stewards, Mike Durkee,

Invasive Species - Inspectors, Marcus Harazin,

Adopt a Shoreline - Deb Hoffman,


Dick Arthur, VP-

Adirondack - Jim Hays,

By-Laws - Dick Maider,

Directory - Dick Arthur,

Fire Department - Alan Peck,

Lake Publications:  The Echo - Mark and Christine Moritz,

Legal - Dick Maider,

Membership - Merryn Byrnes,

Nominating - John Saunders,

Website- Allen Farber,

Welcoming - Lois Miller,

Winter Emergency - Tony Sturchio,


Chris Rohrs, Chairperson,

Sailing - Courtney Young,

Safe Skiing - Diana Leaf,

Youth Activities -  Kathy Luttman,

Special Events

4th of July Celebration- Mike Manning

Flare Lighting (Labor Day)- Ed and Jackie Fake,

Ice Cream Extravaganza- Lois Miller,

Luncheon- Cat Graves,                             

Annual Picnic- Mike Cannon,
























CLCA News & Events 8/14/2016

DEC Accepts Report

The DEC accepts Great South Woods report: click here to go to the documents.

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Local News 6/27/2017

Schenectady getting $3 million for lead abatement

Grant will aid more than 200 homes...

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