Minutes of Directors' Meetings

Minutes of the Directors' Meetings of the CLCA:


July 31, 2015 Meeting - click here

August 22, 2015 Special Meeting- click here

August 22,2015 Meeting- click here

June 19, 2016 Meeting- click here

August, 20, 2016 Meeting- click here

June 25, 2017 Meeting  click here

August 19, 2017 Meeting. click here

June 24, 2018 Meeting: click here

Committee Reports:

August 2018 Meeting: click here

CLCA News & Events 8/1/2018

CLMF Barge Concert

Caroga Lake Music Festival Barge Concert at the Canada Lake Store and Marina, Sunday, August 5, 6 PM.

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Local News 9/20/2018

City Mission pitches social enterprise

Director of human services agency speaks at business event about need for partnerships...

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