Kane Mt. Panoramas

View from the Kane Mt. Fire Tower in early August (click on image to see larger format image):


The same view with the landmarks labelled (click on image to see larger format image):

Please send any additions or corrections for the labels to Allen.Farber@oneonta.edu.

Distances from the Fire Tower: Indian Lake Mt.:2.5 miles; Camelhump:1.5 miles; Holmes Lake Mt.: 4.3 miles; Hogback Mt.: 3.7 miles; Peck Lake: 7 miles; Golf Course: 2.4 miles; Johnstown: 14 miles; East Caroga Lake: 4 miles; Fonda: 17 miles; Mohawk Valley: 17 miles; Catskills (Hunter Mt.): 70 miles; Sheeley Mt.: 1.8 miles; Royal Mt.: 7 miles; Sand Point: 1 mile; Canajoharie: 19.2 miles;  Fort Plain: 18 miles; Negro Bay: 1.5 miles; St. Johnsville: 15 miles; Point Breeze: 1 mile; Lily Lake: 2 miles;  Dolgeville Pt.: 1.3 miles; Mud Lake: 0.9 miles; Sawdust Creek: 1.2 miles; Burnt Vly Stream: 1.8 miles; Middleville Wind Farm: 21 miles; Rt. 10: 0.6 miles; Goodluck Mt.: 5.5 miles; Rooster Hill: 3.5 miles; Little Roundtop: 2.9 miles; Pine Lake: 0.6 miles; Speculator Mt.: 21.2 miles;  Pine Mt.: 1.3 miles. (Landmarks in red can not be seen directly)


A November Panorama:

CLCA News & Events 7/4/2017

July 4th Water Level Update

As of 7AM July 4, lake level at Green Lake Bridge was 13 inches above summer normal, and down 9 inches over past 24 hours. 
The DEC opened the dam to 22 inches on the morning of July 3, after opening it to 10 inches on July 2. At present rate, normal lake level is expected by late Thursday July 6.
Bill Fielding, on behalf of the CLCA, urged DEC on July 1 to open the dam 22 to 25 inches. A further urgent request was made at 7AM on July2 and DEC opened the dam to 10 inches that afternoon.
At 6PM on July 2 CLCA again asked DEC to open to 20 inches, and then at 7AM on July 3 upped the recommended opening to 22 inches. DEC finally opened the dam to that level at approximately 9AM July 3.
Further updates will be sent if warranted.
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Local News 2/25/2018

Woman asleep behind wheel more than 3 times over legal limit, troopers say

Vehicle found running in movie theater parking lot...

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