Lake Inspectors

Lake Inspectors play a critical role in our efforts to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic plants, especially Eurasian Water Milfoil, to our lakes. Lake Inspectors are assigned a segment of the Canada Lakes that they inspect each August. They are provided with manuals and taken on a field trip to Caroga Lake to view Eurasian Water Milfoil growing. The linked page identifies the inspectors and the territories they cover.  If you encounter a plant that you think might be an invasive species, you are encouraged to contact the inspector responsible for that particular area.


CLCA News & Events 8/1/2018

CLMF Barge Concert

Caroga Lake Music Festival Barge Concert at the Canada Lake Store and Marina, Sunday, August 5, 6 PM.

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Local News 5/25/2019

Boat-wash station opens on Northway

State wants to prevent spread of water-borne invasive species...

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