Nominating Committee Appeal

Officer & Director Nominations 2017

 To: CLCA Members

From: CLCA Nominating Committee

In order to broaden the communication of the process for nominating CLCA Director and Officers, the following notice is being included in the  membership and dues package.

Any association members who are interested in serving as a Director or Officer need to contact a member of the nominating committee by e-mail.

 The CLCA Nominating Committee members are:

 John Saunders, Chair  (

Lois Miller   (

Chris Rohrs  (crohrs@ym(

Dorothy Eifert   (

Tim Eldred  (

To assist  the  Nominating  Committee  please  include  in  your  e-mail  any  prior Association service or participation.  From the list of interested members and current Directors and Officers who wish to continue their service, a slate of candidates to fill current positions will be presented at the first Directors meeting of the new-year for their approval.

The approved slate of Directors and Officers will be distributed to all CLCA member prior to the annual Association Members meeting. At the annual Association Member meeting the Nominating Committee Chairperson will present the slate of candidate to the membership for election.


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