Vintage Photographs and Memorabilia

Streeter-Dean-Farber Dock in 1929: Mary Streeter (Farber) and George Allen Streeter with cousins and friends.

One of the joys of paging through Barbara McMartin's Caroga book is exploring the old photographs. They provide us glimpses of the "way we were" and they allow us to see changes in the lake. We can see the changes in the trees on the Island as well changes in the shoreline with docks and boathouses. The CLCA website provides us a wonderful way to collect and make available these vintage photographs. We ask you to submit your photographs along with identifying information including names, places, and dates. We will set the arbitrary date of before 1980 for the submissions. You can e-mail jpegs to: If you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact Allen Farber at 835-3407.

This picture taken in August, 1920, shows a Streeter family dinner at the Mason camp which was on property owned now by the Egan family on Barbour Rd. See the linked page for the identification of the people.

Summer of 1920 children playing on the Point Breeze Beach.

Undated brochure for the Auskerada Hotel.

Post Card for the Auskerada Hotel.



Brochure for the Island View Cottages managed by Burt Yates.

CLCA News & Events 7/4/2017

July 4th Water Level Update

As of 7AM July 4, lake level at Green Lake Bridge was 13 inches above summer normal, and down 9 inches over past 24 hours. 
The DEC opened the dam to 22 inches on the morning of July 3, after opening it to 10 inches on July 2. At present rate, normal lake level is expected by late Thursday July 6.
Bill Fielding, on behalf of the CLCA, urged DEC on July 1 to open the dam 22 to 25 inches. A further urgent request was made at 7AM on July2 and DEC opened the dam to 10 inches that afternoon.
At 6PM on July 2 CLCA again asked DEC to open to 20 inches, and then at 7AM on July 3 upped the recommended opening to 22 inches. DEC finally opened the dam to that level at approximately 9AM July 3.
Further updates will be sent if warranted.
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Local News 3/22/2018

Proposed Schoharie County Jail clears final hurdle

Construction could begin soon...

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