The Wildflowers of the Lake











Long time residents of the lake become very attentive to the changes of the seasons.  They learn to identify the wildflowers and know when their flowers blossom and their fruit ripen.  What follows are pictures of the plants, their names, and the dates.  It is hoped that this will encourge more people to pay attention to the treasures at their feet.

The dates are when the photographs were taken, and whenever possible they were taken on the first day they were noticed.  

Members are encouraged to supplement this list.  E-mail a photograph, identification, and date observed to or join the Canada Lake Wildflowers Facebook Group and post your photographs there along with identifications and dates. You are also encouraged to correct or supplement the descriptions of the plants.  The texts should reflect the collective knowledge of the community.

Useful Resources:


Adirondack Wildflowers and Flowering Shrubs at the Paul Smith's Visitor Interpretive Center: click here

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center: click here.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service: Plants Database: click here


The Audobon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers: Eastern Region, New York, 1979 (there is an iPhone app version).

William K. Chapman, Valerie A. Chapman, et al., Wildflowers of New York in Color, Syracuse, 1998. 

Anne McGrath and Joanne Treffs, Wildflowers of the Adirondacks, North Country Books, 1981.

Photo Credits: AF=Allen Farber; AW= Amy Webb; BC= Betsy Cannon; BM= Barbara Michaels; CG=Cat Graves; CK= Cynthia Knapp; DC= Debbie Correll; JB=Julia Butler; JD=Jane Davis;  LL= Lilka Lichtneger; MA=Mike Adamovic: RC= Rhea Costello; SM= Sue Mitchell; SS=Steve Smith.


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CLCA News & Events 7/4/2017

July 4th Water Level Update

As of 7AM July 4, lake level at Green Lake Bridge was 13 inches above summer normal, and down 9 inches over past 24 hours. 
The DEC opened the dam to 22 inches on the morning of July 3, after opening it to 10 inches on July 2. At present rate, normal lake level is expected by late Thursday July 6.
Bill Fielding, on behalf of the CLCA, urged DEC on July 1 to open the dam 22 to 25 inches. A further urgent request was made at 7AM on July2 and DEC opened the dam to 10 inches that afternoon.
At 6PM on July 2 CLCA again asked DEC to open to 20 inches, and then at 7AM on July 3 upped the recommended opening to 22 inches. DEC finally opened the dam to that level at approximately 9AM July 3.
Further updates will be sent if warranted.
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Local News 2/25/2018

Woman asleep behind wheel more than 3 times over legal limit, troopers say

Vehicle found running in movie theater parking lot...

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